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Last updated: Sunday September 14, 2014

Dethany in Virtu/Noir

I'm creating an interactive novella featuring Dethany of "On the Fastrack" as she adopts a 1940s private eye persona and solves a crime in cyberspace. Along with John Lotshaw and my wife Teri Holbrook, we've created a unique blend of words and images, to be available this fall for the iPad. It will be called "Dethany in Virtu/Noir" and readers will be able to make choices determining the direction of the plot. (Currently it's being beta-tested by an intrepid team of volunteers.) Watch the video here for a preview.


E-books for the "Kevin & Kell" collections "MOUSCAR" and "Predator Camp" are now available for purchase here for $8.99 each.


The print version of the 19th "Kevin & Kell" collection "MOUSCAR" is now available for purchase here!

Meanwhile, the 2013 strip collections are still available, both from Lulu and now on Amazon.  "Kevin & Kell's" "Predator Camp" is on sale here. "Freshly Dethany" features the entire "On the Fastrack" year of 2010, when our favorite Goth joined the strip. (The book replaces "Dethany, the Corporate Goth" which is now permanently out of print.)  The "Safe Havens" book also contains the calendar year of 2010, which was dominated by the cast's epochal summer in Las Vegas. Its title is "Viva Safe Havens."  Don't forget that the 2009 "Fastrack: Bailout" and "Safe Havens: I Married a Mermaid" collections are also on sale.

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I'd forgotten about this for a while, but I was recently reminded. You can vote for "Kevin & Kell" here.

2014 Kevin & Kell patron program

The 2014 patron program which supports all three of my strips, is now active. This year is particularly crucial to the continuation of "Kevin & Kell," due to the startup costs associated with the creation of my Pencil Rough Productions publishing company for my book collections. Every year I do a special parody print for those who contribute at the Light Herbivore Salad level and above, and  for 2014 I'm featuring eleven "K&K" cast members as the eleven incarnations of Dr. Who. On the villain side, R.L. is a Dalek and Angelique is a Weeping Angel.

Indeed Podcast

I was honored to be interviewed by the good folks at Indeed Podcasts, whom I met at Emerald City Con in Seattle. I talk about my strips and my upcoming projects. :) You can listen to it here or here.

Tall Tale Radio interview

I was interviewed by Tom Racine for Tall Tale Radio, which is posted here. Please listen in, and there are other excellent cartoonists in the archives.

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