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Rich Chew says, "Happy Birthday, Richard Paul Smyers!"

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Last updated: Saturday June 12, 2021

Dethany and the Other Clique

Our graphic novel is now available from Hermes Press. Discover Dethany's middle school origin story. :)

Dethany's June Video

Dethany and Fi enter the new world awaiting us after the pandemic, with the jarring realization that it will look very different from what came before 2020. They experience a workplace that's been flung into the 21st century with little preparation.

New "Kevin & Kell" collection, "Mouse Mom"

The complete year of 2018 is now available in paperback here. It includes every strip, plus Lindesfarne's weekly commentary providing more detail on the storyline. As a personal note, this year I wasn't to debut the book at Anthrocon which has always been an important part of keeping the strip going, so I'm counting on sales through this outlet. Thanks!

Comic Con Virtual Panel

San Diego’s Comic Con was going to be the debut of our graphic novel “Dethany and the Other Clique.” Things changed, and instead of that the book will come out in the fall for holiday gift-giving. Meanwhile, Comic Con is posting video panels that you can access online, including ours. 
Hermes Press has published a number of Goth-friendly books, and this video features us along with the wonderful creators of “The Lazy Goth” and “Stabby the Unicorn.” The moderator is Hermes publisher Dan Herman.
The video will be available this Friday at 3:00 PST.

NEW Fastrack and Safe Havens books

Normally this would be the month of preparing for Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, but sadly that won’t be the case for 2020. However, there are still Fastrack and Safe Havens collections that are now available, each containing the complete calendar year of material from 2016.
Safe Havens: Dave’s Gold

Fastrack: Dethany, The Office Goth

Publishers Weekly spotlight

Our upcoming graphic novel, “Dethany and the Other Clique,” is being previewed in Publishers Weekly! Visit the link and scroll down for our interview! 

It will debut this summer from Hermes Press. It's now available for preorder here:

It features 12-year-old Dethany as she navigates middle school under an absurdly structured system of cliques. She and a group of misfits try to maintain their individuality.

The book is 114 pages long and is a collaboration between myself and my daughter. We're both tremendously proud of the result.

New Hare Link site!

Please check out Hare Link's new site, featuring an introductory video from Toco the Toucan! Remember, choosing Hare Link for your webhosting directly supports the strip.

Vintage Kevin & Kell

Classic "Kevin & Kell" strips are now featured on King Features's Comic Kingdom site. Go here, and pick up the action from today's date back in 2009.

Doc Rat

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Safe Havens

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