Related Links

Here are a number of great Kevin and Kell related websites.

Kevin and Kell Mailing List

There is a thriving community of K&K readers and they have their very own mailing list that you can participate in. Bill Holbrook himself is an active member and enjoys discussing his comic strip with his readers.

Lindesfarne's Blog

Lindesfarne maintains a weekly blog that somehow has become available to read here in the human world! Follow along as she talks about current events in her life that add more detail and background to the current story arcs. She updates her blog with new information every Sunday.

Catherine Aura's Tweets

The leader of the Birds may have perminately crossed over into the human world (and become one herself) however she still keeps tabs on things and posts her findings on Twitter. Feel free to follow along but remember... she believes her tweets are secret, so don't tell her.


You know about the friendly, helpful, competent and highly-motivated staff of the Hare-Link through the comic strip. Now, due to an inter-dimensional flux in the time-space continuum, they are able to serve your needs for web hosting, e-mail and many other Internet Services. For real!

K&K in German! This site features the classic Kevin and Kell strips, now being painstakenly translated into the German language. Check it out and be sure to thank them for all their effort in widening our audience.

On The Fasttrack Safe Havens